Faculty of Economics & Business Administration

Số 18 Ung Van Khiem street, Dong Xuyen ward, Long Xuyên city , An Giang Province
Tel: +84 296 6256565 ext 1054, Fax: +84 296 3842560, Website:



The Faculty of Economics Business Administration was established in 2000 with the mission of training human resources in economy, finance and business for the Mekong Delta and the whole country. 

The Faculty consists of three departments: Finance and Accounting, Administration and Marketing, and General Economics. 

The core values of Integrity – Dedication – Creativity are put first in the entire Faculty’s training activities. Thereby, training curriculum and teaching methods are frequently updated in order to improve the Faculty’s training quality and provide learners with new experience to meet the requirements of workplace for industry 4.0. 

Recently, a number of graduates from the Faculty have taken on important roles in enterprises, state agencies and different sectors. 




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Training Programs

The Faculty has 05 undergraduate programs in Marketing, Accounting, Finance – Banking, Business & Administration, and International Economics. 

The Faculty also offers in-service undergraduate programs in Business & Administration, Accounting and Finance – Banking, and short term courses on business management for managers of small enterprises and collectives.


Teaching staff

The Faculty has a staff of 54 consisting of 4 doctoral degree holders, 47 master’s degree holders (of which 15 are doing PhD degree). 

The Faculty teaching staff constantly improves their professional qualifications, teaching and researching capacity to enhance the quality of education in the University.